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4-H Camp Wabasso

Welcome to a place enchanted by summers past, by the mystical sounds of the natural world.  Whispering through the leaves you can hear the spontaneous joy of children engaged in discovering the world around them.  These sounds are stirred up and brought to life each summer along the trails twisting through the forest; out into the open meadows alighted by both the golden sun and the warmth of a smile.  The enchantment continues fluttering through camp and down to the lake as it flows alongside the west of camp.  Millsite Lake provides a unique waterfront and majestic sunsets you just have to see.  Come, experience an extraordinary place where learning is fun and playing is learning.

4-H Camp Wabasso’s summer camping program is open to kids ages 6 to 15



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Registrar: Lori Robinson  

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Directions to 4-H Camp Wabasso (PDF)

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